Bồn chứa xăng dầu

Bồn chứa xăng dầu

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1) Built-in pumps handle two to four types of fuel

Multi type dispensing pump capable of one-spot fueling, regardless of fuel type.

2) Significantly improves operation efficiency

The large LCD counter with superb night visibility and the easily removable wide-mouthed nozzles significantly improve operating efficiency.

3) Can be equipped with a variety of options

A variety of functions are available, such as a contamination prevention function (function that constantly detects whether the fuel is petrol or kerosene, preventing fueling errors), a robot refueling function (function that automatically refills the tank) and others.

4) Improves the user-friendliness of self-serve gas stations

With electronic equipment such as outdoor payment terminals built into the dispensing pumps, the user-friendliness is improved.

5) Compatible with long hoses (4m/5m)
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